Earthdance - how to find the site (New Brighton Park)

Earthdance 2017 map

Getting to Earthdance:  there is limited parking in the area, we suggest that you take transit or bike (or walk) if possible, or at least car-pool.

To get to Earthdance from Transit:

- use the Translink trip finder at with an end point of "NEW BRIGHTON POOL, NEW BRIGHTON RD, VANCOUVER"

- get off at the stop "EB McGill St NS N Renfrew St" if on the #4 bus, or the stop "EB McGill St FS N Renfrew St" if on the #209, #210, #211 or #214 bus

- both of these stops are right around point A on the map

To get to Earthdance by Car:

- there is limited parking in the area, the biggest parking lots for the park itself are the three points P on the map.

To get to Earthdance by foot or bicycle:

- just get yourself into the general area of this map, and then:

The two ways into the park are the Commissioner Street overpass (point B on the map), or through the tunnel under the train tracks (point C on the map)

From point B, just continue walking North (and then North-West) on Commissioner Street, until you can get onto the grass and walk North again directly to the Earthdance site!

From point C, you will go through the tunnel, walk North and then West, past the pool and through the park to the Earthdance site!

See you there!

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